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K-CONNEX provides the following programs to help young researchers cultivate abilities to lead scientific studies and a laboratory, which are required to become a principal investigator in the future. Please see K-CONNEX Portal Site for details of the programs such as dates.
(See also Desires of K-CONNEX in designing programs.)

Carrier Development Programs

Supports are provided that are difficult for a single laboratory to provide in order to support young researchers to enhance their research abilities and their carriers.

  Target ability of enhancement Contents of available programs (examples)
1 Ability to carry out research
  • Provide advice on research from senior researcher(s)
  • Class on writing papers in English
  • Class on preliminary peer review of paper
2 Ability to obtain competitive research funds
  • Polishing applications for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
  • Informing points of examination by a person who has acted as a judge
  • Provide effective information on outside funds
3 Ability to communicate
  • Hold a joint retreat with young researchers of different fields
  • Class on research management to cultivate the ability to become the leader of a laboratory
Ability to dispatch information to the outside world
  • Support for publishing his or her research in a scientific journal
  • Consultation on internet publicity

Industry-Academia Collaboration Programs

First Contact Program

Opportunity is provided where a K-CONNEX researcher presents his or her research to researchers in a private research institute to help the researcher exchange information with the industrial world.


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Joint Meeting Program

Opportunity is provided where young researchers of the same generation but in diverse fields gather and have an overview of research of others from a broad point of view.

  Event Frequency Aims
1 Research Presentation Meeting Once a year Researchers report their progress in the year and check the current position in the research plan.
2 Joint Retreat Once a year This is an opportunity for researchers to review their research via exchanges with young researchers of the same generation in other fields (such as researchers of Hakubi Center).
3 Seminar by young researchers 3 times a year K-CONNEX researchers hold seminars that focus on discussion, acting as speakers, chairs, and judges in turn and stimulating active discussions. The seminar will be held at each member university in turn.