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Dr. Takayama’s paper was published in Molecular Therapy.

Apr 26, 2017

A paper by Dr. Kazuo Takayama, an Assistant Prof. in Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Osaka University, was published in Molecular Therapy.
* Although Dr. Takayama has left K-CONNEX, this study was conducted during his affiliation to K-CONNEX and he had received a graphic support from K-CONNEX.

Title: Human ESC/iPSC-Derived Hepatocyte-like Cells Achieve Zone-Specific Hepatic Properties by Modulation of WNT Signaling
Authors: Seiji Mitani8 , Kazuo Takayama8 , Yasuhito Nagamoto , Kazuo Imagawa , Fuminori Sakurai , Masashi Tachibana , Ryo Sumazaki , Hiroyuki Mizuguchi
8 These authors contributed equally to this work.
Journal: Molecular Therapy