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【Announcement】Research Management Series “Communication & Leadership” is held on 28 February, 2018.

Dec 21, 2017


K-CONNEX has several seminars on research management, which are designed to provide basic knowledge on important research management skills. In each, experiences and challenges are discussed. After a seminar, participants are encouraged to practice research management skills in reality.

Lecturer Dr. Iris WIECZOREK (Founder & President, IRIS Science Management Inc.)
Date & Time Wednesday 28 February 2018, 13:00-17:00
Venue Seminar Room 1, Research Administration Building, Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University
Target Young researchers who are PI or have a plan to get PI position in the future.
Recruitment Numbers 14 persons (If the number of applicants exceeds maximum capacity, the participants would be selected based on the applicants reason)
  • Basics of effective communication
  • Effective preparation for important conversations/ meetings
  • Small talk in an international setting
  • Managing between obligations and freedom
  • Managing & developing (diverse) teams: the leadership challenge
  • Interacting with (doctoral) students / postdocs
  • Next steps ?
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The Keihanshin Consortium for Fostering the Next Generation of Global Leaders in Research (K-CONNEX)

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