Nature Masterclasses -Nature姉妹誌のエディターによる論文執筆講座-を開催します



日時 2018年11月9日(金) 10:00-17:40
会場 京都大学 吉田キャンパス内 学術研究支援棟 地下会議室
※ 会場は構内マップ61番の建物です
対象分野 物理学(Physics)
受講対象者 助教以上の研究者で、第一著者として論文執筆可能な方であり、高インパクトファクターの科学雑誌への投稿を目指している方
参加人数 25名(専門性を考慮して受け付けます)




Federico Levi, Senior Editor, Nature Physics

Federico re-joined Nature Physics in May 2017, having previously been a Senior Editor and Team Manager at Nature Communications. His studies began with an MSc at the University of Milan, where he specialized in theoretical quantum physics, in particular the mathematical aspects of open quantum systems dynamics. Following this, he obtained his PhD in Physics from the University of Freiburg where he studied entanglement theory and energy transfer in disordered systems, with an interest in identifying quantum effects in biological processes.


David Abergel, Associate Editor, Nature Physics

Before joining Nature Physics in 2017, David carried out theoretical research on graphene and other two-dimensional crystals, and quantum topological materials. He completed a PhD at Lancaster University in 2007, and then did post-doctoral work at the University of Manitoba (Canada) and the University of Maryland (USA) before undertaking an Assistant Professorship at Nordita, the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in Stockholm, Sweden. David is based in our London office.


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主催 京阪神次世代グローバル研究リーダー育成コンソーシアム(K-CONNEX)



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