Nature Masterclasses -Nature姉妹誌のエディターによる論文執筆講座-を開催します



日時 2020年3月2日(月) 10:00〜17:30
会場 京都大学吉田キャンパス 学術研究支援棟 地下会議室
対象分野 気候変動、生化学
受講対象者 助教以上の研究者で、第一著者として論文執筆可能な方であり、高インパクトファクターの科学雑誌への投稿を目指している方
参加人数 25名



Bronwyn Wake, Chief Editor, Nature Climate Change

Bronwyn joined Nature Climate Change in 2012. She has handled research manuscripts and review and opinion articles across the entire breadth of physical climate sciences, the marine and aquatic environment, and interdisciplinary articles integrating natural and social science disciplines in the context of climate and global environmental change. In November 2014 she moved to the Sydney office before returning to the London office to become Chief Editor in May 2016. Bronwyn completed her postgraduate studies at University of Tasmania, Australia, with a PhD in trace element biogeochemistry and first class Honours in Antarctic Studies. Her postdoctoral work at the University of Southampton, UK and European Institute for Marine Studies, Brest, France focused on trace metal cycling in marine waters and their roles as micronutrients for phytoplankton. Bronwyn is based in the London office.

Stephane Larochelle, Team Manager and Senior Editor, Nature Communications

Stephane joined Nature Communications in 2014 following two years as an associate editor at Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. He received his PhD in molecular biology from McGill University followed by post-doctoral work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. Stephane is based in the New York office where he leads a team of editors that handles a broad range of manuscripts which aim to decipher the molecular mechanisms underpinning cellular physiology, from large scale epigenetics and proteomics down to the structure and biophysics of single proteins


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主催 京阪神次世代グローバル研究リーダー育成コンソーシアム(K-CONNEX)



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