K-CONNEX Support Portal is a special site for supporting researchers who belong to the Keihanshin Consortium for Fostering the Next Generation of Global Leaders in Research (K-CONNEX).

Joint meetings

K-CONNEX Seminar


Small-scale discussion-based seminars in which K-CONNEX researchers take turns to act as the speaker, chair, appointed questioner and evaluator. Via active discussion with researchers of different fields, participants will have an opportunity to revise
their research contents from new points of view.

Scheduled: Three times a year

5 speakers each time, each 30 min (20 min presentation + 10 min QA)

First K-CONNEX Seminar

Date July 1, 2016
Venue Kyoto University (Research Administration Building 1F)

Second K-CONNEX Seminar

Date October 7, 2016
Venue Osaka University (Cybermedia Commons)

Third K-CONNEX Seminar

Date March 3, 2016
Venue Kobe University (details TBD)

Past seminars

No records available

Contact information

K-CONNEX Office Person in charge of K-CONNEX Seminar (Ogawa)

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