K-CONNEX Support Portal is a special site for supporting researchers who belong to the Keihanshin Consortium for Fostering the Next Generation of Global Leaders in Research (K-CONNEX).

Career Development Programs

Support for scientific graphic design


Researchers encounter many situations in which they need to draw pictures or diagrams to present their research, such as effective illustrations to be attached to an application for gaining external funds. In this program, a URA who has design skills will prepare graphics that meet the needs of a researcher in order to improve the quality of an application, research presentation, etc. The URA will also give feedback on how to draw figures that are simple and easy to understand. Advice is also available not only on creating impactful graphics but also on preparing media containing design elements.

Basic information

Application period At all times (all year round)
Available to Researchers who are participating in the Keihanshin Consortium for Fostering the Next Generation of Global Leaders in Research (K-CONNEX) or researchers approved by K-CONNEX Office
Available drawing service Graphics, schematic diagrams, flow charts, correlation diagrams, etc. to be used for an application for gaining external funds (such as Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research) and/or a research presentation at a conference, etc. High-level illustrations (such as a beautiful illustration of an animal) can be outsourced.
Charge Free (The Consortium may cover the expenses for outsourced illustration.)

Flow of support

  1. Send a request for scientific graphic design to the Office via an e-mail. There is no need to prepare a drawing by yourself. Just contact the Office when the purpose of the drawing becomes clear and you have a rough idea of the picture.
  2. The URA in charge will ask you either directly or via e-mail about the picture, diagram, etc.
  3. The picture will be sent in several days to a week (per picture) although the period may vary by the size of the picture. It will be revised as necessary.

Contact information

Person in charge of the support program for scientific graphic design (Ono)

Send an e-mail to a person in charge